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My Reaction to Cerebral Palsy

Lou Holtz quote

Living life to the fullest

Lou Holtz (b. 1937) is a former football player, coach and college football analyst. He was the head coach of several colleges, including the University of Minnesota, University of Arkansas and the University of Notre Dame.  Lou Holtz led Notre Dame to a victory in the Fiesta Bowl and took five other teams to bowl games.  Holtz also coached the New York Jets for one season, in 1976.

Lou Holtz became an analyst for ESPN in 2008.  He was elected into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008.  In addition to working for ESPN, Holtz does motivational speaking.

“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”

– Lou Holtz

I love this quote and have applied it to my life even before I read it!  You can either let obstacles hurt and hold you back or you can carry on and try to live as normal a life as possible. The main key to living with a disability is to live a life of self-acceptance and happiness.

One pet peeve I have when explaining my disability to someone is the reply “I’m sorry.” Even though they have good intentions, I am not sorry I have cerebral palsy.  I don’t want others to feel sorry for me.  I have a body that does not always work and causes me pain, but I am alive and with my writing, I can still make a difference.  My cerebral palsy does not prevent me from laughing, loving and living.

adaptive bowling

I love to bowl!

I have never let Cerebral Palsy stop me from doing anything I have wanted to do. I have gone on numerous boat rides even though my chair does not fit.  With the help of friends, we find a way.  I go to summer camp at Camp Wawbeek every year.  I have been to numerous sporting events, pro and amateur.   I attend concerts, go bowling, and play basketball.  Now don’t ask me how well I bowl or play basketball, just know I enjoy these activities!

By Ricardo A Cunningham

If I ever let my condition hold me back, I would be living physically but truly living. In life, it’s important to have as much fun as possible, because you only have one life and you don’t know when your time is going to be up.

Remember to Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’!


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