About Hunter Kelch


Motorcycle Ride

Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’…

Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’ is my life philosophy.  My name is Hunter Kelch and I am the author/owner of www.comerollwithme.com. I entered the world three months early.  An infection in the first weeks of my life resulted in my having cerebral palsy.  I have been a wheelchair user my entire life and have a visual perception deficit.  Despite my rough start, I have never let my disabilities stand in my way of living a happy, fulfilling life.

I started Come Roll With Me to inspire others with disabilities to set  and achieve goals for happiness and independence.  My mission is also to bridge the disabled and abled-bodied together.

Additionally, I would like to bring awareness of accessibility issues that challenge individuals with disabilities and their loved one on a daily basis.

In my free time I enjoy watching sports, mostly baseball and football.  I also enjoy watching wrestling, mostly WWE.  I play video games, my favorites include Call of Duty, Madden and OO7.  I am a huge rock fan.  Some of my favorite artist are Arron Lewis (Staind), Theory of a Dead Man and Nickelback.  My favorite TV shows are most cooking shows, crime shows and Born This Way.  I live on my own with my Bi-Polar cat, Sully.

About Sandi Kelch

I have had the privilege of being Hunter’s mom.  My role in Come Roll With Me is to assist Hunter with the editing, typing and formatting.  I also provide some of the photography and video editing.   I love working with Hunter and as I walk along side him through his journey I continue to learn from him.  Occasionally, Hunter asks for my perspective as a mom and a caregiver for his blog.

Photo was taken by Sandi Kelch of KatsEye Photography.