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Be The Change

Be the Change artwork of Emily Ugoretz

Artwork by Emily Ugoretz

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, wise words from Mahatma Gandhi. I think these words hold even more importance in the midst of Covid-19. Community is even more important now that our world has been turned upside down. I enlisted the help of a very talented artist, Emily Ugoretz, to create a design to help spread this message. Emily jumped on the opportunity and within a week presented an amazing design. I think it honors the “Be the Change” message.

You may be wondering, “How can I be the change?” The Stay at Home Order certainly can limit what we can do in our community, but there are still many opportunities to be the change our world needs.

Tutor a Kid

Parents, especially essential workers, are now faced with the task of homeschooling. This has caused stress for both parents and kids. There are virtual ways you can help struggling kids with their homework.

Last week my caregiver’s son was struggling with angles. My mom is a former teacher and talked him through the lesson via the phone. Zoom, Skype, Messenger and Facetime can be useful tools in reaching out to kids in need. Recently, one teacher gave a lesson outside a students house using a whiteboard.

Be the Change can make the difference in a child’s education and relieve stress off of already over-burdened parents.

Donate Blood or Plasma

Blood and plasma donations are still needed. Donations can be done with little risk. Donation sites have increased their efforts to keep staff and donors safe. Practicing social distancing, health checks and increased cleaning procedures have allowed donations to continue. Donating plasma is also a great way to earn extra cash! You can earn up to $70 weekly!

Check with your local donation sites to see if there is a need. Follow the procedures for safe donating like social distancing, using hand-sanitizer and showering immediately after getting home.

Be the Change can be live-saving for those in need of blood products.

Adopt a Neighbor

When we live our busy lives it is easy to overlook those who are isolated. The Stay at Home order is a shock to our system. I know I have struggled a bit not being able to get out and about. It also has been eye opening for me to be as isolated as I am. This is the life many elderly and disabled experience every single day.

Reach out and call your neighbor. Place inspirational messages in your windows for them to see. Have food delivered to their door with services like Instacart, Uber Eats or Grub Hub. Have “sidewalk visits” or even a sidewalk talent show to brighten their day. Simply care about the well-being of those around you. This is a change that should be carried forward after this crisis is over.

Be the Change can send a message to those in need “You are not alone”.

Essential Workers

There are so many on the front line who do not get the appreciation and acknowledgement they deserve. Of course, those in the medical field deserve all the honor and tribute they are receiving. However, so many go out everyday and place their lives at risk without notice.

Store and gas station clerks have been working hard and face the risk of infection. Mail carriers and postal workers are continuing to work with the public. Restaurant workers who deliver and do curb side also face the risk of getting Covid_19.

Of course, I have to give a special shout out to home health care workers. My caregivers, Crystal and Randy, have continued to come and care for me despite the risk it may pose to them. My mom continues to care for me and my brother, making sure we both have the supplies and care we need.

There are so many ways to show you care and appreciate the efforts. A simple thank you when going to the store goes a long way. Writing a letter of appreciation for the workers at the stores you shop at. Extra tips for the restaurant workers. A bottle of water and a snack in the mailbox would certainly let the postal worker know you care.

Be the Change can let essential workers know you and see care about them.

There are so many ways you can Be the Change during the Covid-19 crisis. There are even more ways to Be the Change after this is a distant memory. Sometimes we can feel hopeless in this chaotic world. There is so much we can not change or have control over. However, we have the power to create change in ourselves…Be the Change.

Be the Change Artist Emily Ugoretz

Emily Ugoretz

Be the Change Artist: Emily Ugoretz

Emily Ugoretz is a comics artist and illustrator based out of Neenah, Wisconsin. She loves commissions and deadlines (hint hint), but you can follow her on instagram (@mark.trail.ugoretz) and/or twitter (@UgoretzComics) to keep up with her personal projects and doodles!

Emily also embraces the Be the Change philosophy. As a teen, she was active in summer camps for children with autism. She graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Emily is also active in politics and social issues, striving for a better world.

Be the Change artwork of Emily Ugoretz

Artwork by Emily Ugoretz

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