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Happy Birthday Uncle Mike

The Uncle Mike Elvis

The Uncle Mike Elvis

Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!

Uncle Mike was my Godfather. Today would have been his 52nd birthday. Unfortunately, he had an early passing on September 5, 2005. He was only 41 year old. He was one of the nicest and fun-loving people I ever met. For the first 13 years of my life he was always there to spend weekends, celebrate holidays and important events.

The Hunter Elvis

The Hunter Elvis

He loved Elvis and that was his artist of choice at Karaoke! On May 17th 1998, he made me a printed “Curled Lip” award for my “deep understanding” of Elvis! This award is in a frame and I keep it in my bedroom. In October of 2004, I was Elvis for Halloween and had a pretty cool costume, including a wig and glasses. Uncle Mike came for a visit and was going out with my parents for Halloween and did not bring a costume. My mom talked him into wearing my Elvis costume. It was about a size too small and literally fit him like OJ’s gloves. I remember laughing hysterically as he impersonated Elvis all around the house. This is one of my favorite memories of him.


The “Curled Lip” Award, 1998

Uncle Mike, this Whippersnapper misses you everyday. I hope you are looking over your “fur-bearin’ varmit”


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