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Beer and Bacon Fest 2019

Beer and Bacon

2019 Beer and Bacon Fest

2019 Beer and Bacon Fest

Fall is here! The leaves are changing and the air is brisk. Soon winter will be blowing in, bringing snow and freezing temperatures. I try to get out as often as I can during this time, knowing winter is no friend to the wheelchair user. One of my favorite fall traditions is the annual Wausau Events Beer and Bacon Fest.

Every September marks the Wausau Events Beer and Bacon Fest. The tickets are $35 and include all you can eat bacon and beer for 3 1/2 hours. You also get a free t-shirt and small plastic mug to hold your beer!

This is strictly a 21+ years of age event. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to enter, no exceptions.

Change of Venue

I strongly recommend pre-purchasing your tickets to this event. Not only is it cheaper, it is a guarantee you will be able to attend. It is a very popular event, so be prepared for a crowd. This is usually an outdoor event, that is until 2019! Our rainy weather forced the organizers to scramble for an indoor venue, which did put a damper on things.

Crystal (my friend and caregiver) and I headed to the Central Wisconsin Convention and Expo Center at the Cedar Creek Mall in Rothschild, WI. It is a large venue. However, as I said, this is a very popular event and the venue was not quite large enough. For a wheelchair user, it was nearly impossible for me to visit the beer and bacon stations. So I found a safe corner and Crystal visited the stations and brought me my share of the beer and bacon.


Bacon, Bacon and More Bacon

The food was awesome as usual. There were some items I could not try due to my gluten allergy, like the Bacon Pasta. However, I am a purest and indulged in the straight up bacon! Of course, the Bacon Nachos were on my hit list too. There was also bacon hot dogs, bacon cheese, bacon meatballs and even bacon jam!

There was not a great deal of Gluten Free Beer to try. So I also tried the alcohol infused water…not a fan. Not a big deal for me as I am not a big drinker…I come for the bacon!


Personal Space

Speaking of beer…one of the difficulties of being a wheelchair user is intoxicated people. There is a lot of indulgence at the Beer and Bacon Fest. The fact that it is all you can eat and drink pretty says it all. People want to get their money’s worth when attending. And they do!

However, I am not very comfortable around overly intoxicated people. I am literally a sitting duck! I can’t move out of the way fast enough to avoid those losing their balance or a fight. Those situations, especially at this event, are rare…but the risk is always real.

Music adds to the fun!

I am a magnet for intoxicated people with the best intentions to be friendly. However, there is the lack of respect for my personal space. Most abled-bodied people can go to an establishment and not be forced to “dance”. Again, the intentions are not the issue, but the action of pulling and tugging on my arms is the issue. Asking me to dance and giving me the option to decline or accept is my preference.

While leaving a concert a year ago, a drunk man grabbed my controller and started leading me away. My mom quickly intervened and told him I was with her. He was insistent that he wanted me to go with him. I was a really scary situation for me and my mom. She literally had to physically put herself in between me and him. This is an extreme situation, but gives you a glimpse into the vulnerability we face.

Looking Forward to More Beer and Bacon

Although the overcrowding and the weather did not cooperate for this year’s event, it was still a blast. I found a safe corner and am thankful for all the running around Crystal did for me. However, next year there is hope for nicer weather or a larger back-up venue!

I highly recommend stocking away some change for this event. Start now by putting $2.92 a month in a jar. You will be good to go for Sept 2020 and all the beer and bacon you can handle! You may want to also save for an Uber ride home!

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’

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