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Gluten Free Fiesta Stuffed Peppers: A CP Diet Recipe

Red pepper stuffed with taco meat and rice, topped with melted cheese and sour cream

Delicious and Gluten Free

I am always searching for recipes that are not only gluten free, but also those that contain foods that are beneficial for a CP Diet. I love tacos, but unfortunately tacos also love my shirt!  Recreating the delicious flavors of tacos in a gluten free, easy to eat recipe was my mission for this blog.  My mission was accomplished with Gluten Free Fiesta Stuffed Peppers!

Bell Peppers, one red and one green

Beautiful Colors

Bell Peppers are beneficial for individuals with cerebral palsy.  Bell peppers are high in Vitamin C, which helps build immunity.  They are low in calories and full of beta-carotene, which is an anti-inflammatory.  Bell peppers are the perfect ingredient for a CP Diet recipe!

Black beans are another ingredient in the Gluten Free Fiesta Stuffed Peppers.  Black beans are a high fiber, high protein food.  Protein is an important building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.  The body also uses protein to repair and build tissue.  Fiber is really important for individuals in wheelchairs to help with our digestion issues.  Fiber also is recommended for a healthy heart.  Not to mention that black beans are a flavorful addition to any Mexican cuisine!

Mexican meat filling for peppers in a cast iron skillet

Meat filling is good alone too!

Gluten Free Fiesta Stuffed Peppers also contain one of my favorite foods, rice!  Rice high in fiber and zinc, another immunity building mineral.  You can’t have a taco inspired dish without the cheese!  Cheese gives this dish a dash of bone building calcium!

Aroma Housewares

I topped one of the Gluten Free Fiesta Peppers with sour cream and another with guacamole.  They were both delicious, but I preferred the guacamole!  Avocados are another super food with tons of health benefits.  I try to incorporate avocados in my diet on a weekly basis.  Avocados are not only high in Vitamin C, they also promote better absorption of beta-carotene.

2 stuffed peppers in front of bowl of meat stuffing

Filling station!

This recipe does not replace tacos, nothing can truly and effectively replace tacos.  However, it is a much healthier option and a wonderful umami of flavors.  When I get a craving for tacos, I will definitely request this dish again.

Four stuffed peppers on a plate with tortilla chips and guacamole

Fresh guacamole completes this yummy gluten free dish

Photo Credit: Sandi Kelch


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