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Button Making: New Year, New Vision

Button Making Business is perfect for individuals with disabilities

Button Making Business is Up and Rollin’

I predict 2020 will be all buttoned up and beautiful for Come Roll With Me! Why do I predict that? Well, because Come Roll With Me has started a Button Making business! Soon there will be buttons available for every occasion or cause!

Why buttons? I needed a way to support the Come Roll With Me mission. In other words, to spread the “Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin'” message. Buttons are not only a way to finance the mission, but to also to spread awareness far and wide!

This button started it all!

Birth of a Button Making Business

Last Fall my mom and I attended the Self-Determination Conference in the Wisconsin Dells. There were many micro-businesses selling home-made products. Individuals with disabilities started each of these micro-businesses.

My mom and I started brainstorming for ideas of a business that would help support my blog and my mission. It also had to be a business, I could be actively involved with. That is quite difficult, considering my disability.

As we were talking, we were looking through the gift bag we received. I reached in and pulled out a Self-Determination button. My mom and I looked at each other and smiled. It did not take long to find information on-line.

After a month of research, we found the company we trusted to buy our equipment from, American Button Machines. The next step was to come up with the financial resources to purchase the equipment. Three investors believed in me enough to invest in my idea. I was able to purchase enough button making equipment to get my business rollin’…pun intended.

The birth of a button making empire…I can dream, right?!

I will be creating and designing button for awareness and for fun!

Buttons and Awareness

You may be wondering how button making can bring awareness. Easy! All you need is button making machines, a printer and a message. I literally can custom make any button (and more) to spread the message for any cause, movement or disability.

Buttons (and more) are an inexpensive way to spread any message. They can be displayed virtually anywhere. You are literally a walkin’ or rollin’ billboard! I found this to be a quite appealing benefit of this business.

Of course, I will also be selling “just for fun” buttons (and more). However, they also will indirectly spread awareness. How so? All sales and profit allow me to continue my blog and hopefully allow me to take my mission on the road in the future!

Button making is possible with my physical limitations

Learning how to operate the machines

Button Making and Me

During the initial brainstorming, my disability was a consideration. Realistically, I will need help with any business. However, I needed to find a business that required minimal physical labor. I am not 100% able to operate the equipment without assistance. But I am able to fully assist in the button making process from start to finish.

We will be experimenting and modifying the equipment set-up so that I can be independent in the operations. American Buttons provide software that enables me to design buttons easily. Again, I am not 100% yet. However, practice makes perfect. Rome was not built in a day, as they say!

Buttons can speak volumes

If You Love What You Do…

My dad used to tell me that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I can say with certainty that I really enjoy this business.

Recently, I made some very special buttons and magnets. One was for 2 Hearts for Deb. Deb was a very special lady who died from complications of brain cancer. Her husband, Brian, started 2 Hearts for Deb after her death last year. Brian went before the city of Wausau earlier this month to request that a dog park be named in her honor. I made buttons for him and others attending the meeting. It was her husband’s words and passion that won over the committee. However, it was an honor to be a part of something so wonderful.

On a more personal note, a received a magnet order from a very special lady. Toni is the sister of my Uncle Mike. He had many funny sayings. “Out of all my sister’s named Toni, you are my second favorite” is one he teased her with. So I made her a special magnet with those words. Toni loved all the magnets, but I know that one magnet will make her heart smile every time she sees it. Who knew a magnet could have such power?!

Button Making is fun!

Check out my store!

Shameless Sales Pitch

A comprehensive on-line store is in the works. In the meantime, I opened a temporary Facebook Store. I will be adding products weekly.

Currently I am selling Pin Back Buttons (1, 2.25 and 3 inch), Magnets (2.25 and 3 inch), Zipper Pulls (1 inch) and Bottle Openers with Lanyards (2.25 inch). Every product can be customized. 3 inch products can be made with a custom photo.

There is no order too small and no order too large. Larger orders may take up to 2 weeks to fill, depending on the size. For larger orders, a discount is available!

Additionally, I am available for any event. My machines come with me! Great activity for any kid’s party, fundraiser, family reunion, campaign event etc.! However, the event must be wheelchair accessible!

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’!


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