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WGLX Brings Bob & Tom Comedians to Weston

Front and Center!

One of the most influential men in my life was my Uncle Mike.  He died when I was 13, but left behind a lifetime of memories and life lessons.  He also passed on his great sense of humor and his great love of the Bob & Tom Show.  Living with a disability has taught me the value of laughter.

I wish I had a recording of my Uncle Mike’s laughter.  It was infectious.  My mom may have cringed at times when my Uncle Mike sang Bob & Tom songs in my presence.  However, he always made me feel like one of the guys.  To keep this blog “PG” I won’t mention the songs.  However, let’s just say I learned more from the songs I sang with my Uncle Mike than I ever did in the locker room!

Knowing my love for Bob & Tom, my mom surprised me with tickets to the WGLX Comedy Show at Dale’s Weston Lanes.  The show featured two comedians from The Bob & Tom Show, Tim Bedore and Pat Godwin.  I really was looking forward to laughing and spending some time with my mom.

Dale’s Weston Lanes

I have been to Dale’s Weston Lanes to bowl before.  I also attended a concert there once.  With the exception of manual doors, this is a very accessible facility.  We lucked out and found an accessible spot.  In fact, it was my “usual spot”.  There is a rather high lip at the front door and I struggled to get my chair in.  However, we had a bit of help from a few nice people.

I have always loved Dale’s.  Their staff has always been accommodating to me and my special needs, as well as others with disabilities.  I was happy (and relieved) the show was at a location I was comfortable at.  Sometimes it is unnerving going to a place for a show when I don’t know the layout and the accommodations.


WGLX is a classic rock station in Plover, WI.  They feature the Bob & Tom Show weekdays from 6am-10am.  I am usually not up and rolling this early.  However, I listen to Bob & Tom via my Amazon Echo.  It is a way I stay connected with my Uncle Mike through laughter.

WGLX organized the check-in for the show.  It went really smooth. The WGLX staff was awesome and very helpful. I was taken to a back door, as it was more accessible than the main door.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered my mom scored VIP front and center tickets!  I literally had the absolute best seat in the house!

Bob & Tom

Tim Bedore

Tim Bedore

As a fan of Bob & Tom, I have heard Tim Bedore‘s comedy over the years.  I was really looking forward to seeing him in person. For those who don’t know, Tim Bedore’s gimmick is a warning of the “impending doom of humanity due to animal takeover” as well as other philosophy satire and humor. Tim Bedore was born in Chicago, but grew up in Stevens Point, WI.  That is about 30 minutes from my town of Wausau.  So it was cool to see a hometown guy who made it in comedy.

I really enjoyed the “An Inconvenient Horror-The Animal Conspiracy” slideshow for which he is known.  He also added Wisconsin, mid-west humor to his routine.  Have you ever heard of Tim Bedore, or no?  (for those of you not from Wisconsin, it is how we end most questions!)  Overall, I really enjoyed his show.  I think he condensed his show for the smaller venue, but it was still quite funny.  I had the opportunity to briefly chat with him after the show.  He really is a very nice guy and just as funny as he is on stage.  I will heed his advice to watch out for the flying squirrels.

Pat Godwin

Pat Godwin

I did not initially recognize Pat Godwin or his work until he sang the song “Gansta Folk”.  Once he started singing, it brought back so many memories of my Uncle Mike.  He used to sing that song in front of me all the time.  I know my Uncle Mike would have loved attending the show with me.

Pat Godwin had me laughing out loud numerous times.  He was definitely much more unfiltered than I expected!  His impersonations of various artists was spot on.  He had hilarious story of missteps he made at previous shows, like singing a song about necrophilia at a club during a funeral directors convention.  He is definitely not politically correct, in fact sometimes he was just so wrong!

Another factor of Pat Godwin’s show was how he engaged with the audience.  After questioning a lady sitting at our table, he sang her a song about her life in the style of Bruce Springsteen.  He had such a quick wit.  If you enjoy music and off-color humor, he is definitely the comedian to watch.

The Best Medicine

Laughter is truly the best medicine.  In today’s world, comedy can be an effective way to erase all the stress, even if it is just for a moment.  I use humor all the time to overcome the obstacles I face in my daily life.  This is my second comedy show this year.  Next year I plan on seeking out as many opportunities to laugh the night away as possible.

Thank you WGLX for the great night of comedy and for making the night accessible to all.  Additionally, thank you Dale’s Weston Lanes and employees for the great venue and service.  Most of all, thank you Tim Bedore and Pat Godwin for memorable night filled with fun and laughter.

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’


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