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“To-Go” Essentials for Traveling With Incontinence

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Backpack with travel incontinence products

To-Go Essentials

Comedian Zach Anner says that cerebral palsy is the “sexiest of the palsies”.  I agree!  I rock my cerebral palsy quite well!  However, there is one thing about CP that is not very sexy…incontinence!

To rock out a condition like cerebral palsy, you have to learn how to adapt without compromising your quality of life.  Planning ahead and preparing can allow you to roll with confidence.

There were times I had to leave events because of inaccessible restrooms and my lack of planning.  Leaving the fun times behind is no longer an option for this 25 year old ­­go-getter with the “sexiest of the palsies”!

Dressing for the occasion has a deeper meaning for wheelchair users.  We don’t just dress to impress, we dress to avoid the wrong impression!  When I am heading out for longer periods of time, I choose darker clothing, especially pants or shorts.  Darker clothing helps to hide those embarrassing restroom mishaps.

I also try to wear clothing that is easy on and easy off.  If the occasion is casual, sweatpants or elastic shorts work well.  If the occasion is dressier, I buy my pants a size or two larger to make things easier for my caregiver.  I also wear a TENA® Male Guard, as you never know which sneeze is going to be that sneeze!

I prepare my chair for longer adventures.  I protect my seat cushion with a larger trash bag and then place a similar colored towel on top.  The towel not only adds an extra layer of protection, but using a similar color allows one to be more discreet.

I strongly suggest getting a wheelchair backpack with separate zippered compartments.  Wheelchair backpacks are specially designed to stay in place on the back of your chair and go wherever you go.

Over the years, I have become a seasoned packer, never forgetting the essentials before heading out for an adventure.  In my wheelchair backpack, I have a “to-go” section…pun intended!  In this separated and zippered compartment, I keep all my bathroom essentials.

Here is the complete list of “To-Go” essentials:

3 Disposable urinal bags

Wipes in a small sealable bag

Disposable washcloths in a small sealable bag

Several pairs of vinyl examination gloves in a small sealable bag

Several 4 gallon trash bags for disposing of Tena® Male Guards, urinal bags and wipes

Hand sanitizer

In a separate compartment, I keep a change of clothing.  I try to keep my outfits as similar as possible.  It is all about discretion.  If someone with an eagle-eye does mention the change of clothing, you may have to be prepared with a witty comeback, such as “Didn’t the invite say there was an outfit change after dinner?”  Add a wink for good measure.  In my case I just have to dazzle them with my smile, as I am unable to wink!

I hope these tips show you that incontinence does not have to change your lifestyle. You can keep being you! Preparation, planning and incontinence products allow you to live life to the fullest. I order my TENA® Male Guards on-line from . This is super convenient and totally discreet. has a ship and save 30% offer from 4/30- thru 5/13!

If you have been hesitant in trying out incontinence products, now is the time to do so.  Look for the the insert in this Sunday’s paper for an extra $2 coupon! Also CVS has a BOGO 50% Off and Buy 2 Get $1 ExtraBucks!! Reclaim your freedom with confidence and save money! Definitely a win-win situation!

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’


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