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T-Shirt Christmas Special

If you are like me, the art of Christmas Shopping is a struggle!  My history of not being the best gift picker-outer dates back to my early childhood when I announced to my mom that I bought her “cooking pots”.  Thankfully, I now have caregivers to help me out.  Another challenge I encounter is my small budget.  It can be difficult to find quality, unique gifts on a tight budget.  However, I may have the solution!  A Come Roll With Me Superpower T-shirt Design!

I was hoping to have my on-line store up and running.  However, the process is taking longer than expected.  I have found through the years that creative solutions can always be found.  So I am offering a pre-online store Christmas Special on my first t-shirt designs via my blog!  Both designs are $20 and $22 for 2XL.  Free shipping in the continental US until Christmas!

The T-shirts come in Small, Medium, Large, X Large and 2X.  There is a limited quantity in each size, so order today!

My Wheels Are My Superpower

My Smile Is My Superpower

SizesWheels Small $20.00 USDWheels Medium $20.00 USDWheels Large $20.00 USDWheels XL $20.00 USDWheels 2XL $22.00 USDSmile Small $20.00 USDSmile Medium $20.00 USDSmile Large $20.00 USDSmile XL $20.00 USDSmile 2XL $22.00 USD

If you have any questions, email me at

Happy Shopping!

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’!


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