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Speechless: Discussion of R-A-Y-C-RAY-CATION

This week brought another rerun of Speechless, episode 8 titled R-A-Y-C-RAY-CATION.  I have not reviewed this episode yet, so I am taking the opportunity to do so! Dating and Time Management were the focus on this episode of Speechless.


The challenges of JJ dating were once again highlighted in this episode of Speechless.  The basic logistics of dating are a challenge for wheelchair users such as myself.  My cerebral palsy affects all four limbs and my trunk.  With my lack of motor skills, I can barely drive a wheelchair, much less get behind the wheel of a car!  With this is mind, I can not provide my date with transportation.  I can’t even provide myself with transportation!  I would need to be driven to the destination by a caregiver.  Talk about awkward, having to have a third party join the date.

In this episode of Speechless, JJ invited his love interest, Claire, over to his house for a movie.  To prepare for this event, dry runs for the “big kiss” were practiced with his brother, Ray. This also required a team of MacGyvers (Maya, Jimmy and Kenneth) to make it happen.  Of course, this was over dramatized on Speechless, but sometimes the logistics of “making a move” is that complicated!  For me the yawn and stretch move would only result in giving my date a black eye. With all the practice and planning, the opportunity came and went without the kiss for JJ.  JJ explained it best when he told his mom, “I couldn’t do it without you and I couldn’t do it with you” Think back to your first kiss.  Now imagine your mom, dad and friend watching you! Awkward does not even begin to describe that moment.

After the failed kiss attempt, JJ took matters into his own hands and asked Ray for help.  Ray took him to the hospital where Claire was getting her casts taken off.  JJ had prepared a note for her, professing his love for her.  In this episode of Speechless, love was not to be.  Claire only wanted a friendship with JJ.  In a perfect world, disabilities would not be a factor in the matter of love and dating.  However, in the real world, it is a major.  When dating a person with a disability, your limitations and challenges become theirs. Not many people are up for that challenge.  As much as this hurts, I can also understand.  In the end, Ray was there to comfort and encourage his brother.  That special moment would not have happened if JJ’s heart was not broken. So I guess there was a silver lining in this cloud.

Time Management

Time Management

In this episode of Speechless, time management was also a challenge for the DiMeo family.  Ray’s class was going on an island getaway.  Ray knows his family’s time management skills, or lack there of.  They went on several practice runs and failed miserably!  Poor Ray always seems to be a victim of circumstance.

Fetch and Lux

I can totally relate to these time management issues.  It takes over an hour to get me up and ready for the day. Add in breakfast and brushing my teeth, it can take up to two hours to get out the door in the morning.  Getting into my van can take about 10-15 minutes on the best of days.  Getting out of my van adds another 10-15 minutes. Add in snow or rain and we are looking at even more time. The average person can probably get up and be ready to go within an hour.  I take an extra hour and an additional half hour getting in and out of my van.  This is only if everything goes well. Sometimes nature calls right before I have to leave.  What would take an average person 10 minutes tops, takes me about 30 minutes, because I need to be put into my lift to use the bathroom.  In this episode of Speechless, time management was played out in a much more exaggerated and humorous manner.  However, the point was made!  Being on time is not my forte, just ask my mom!  She shares Ray’s frustration at times.  She claims that when we are in a hurry I go about the speed of smell.  She has also tagged me on Facebook several times to a video of a sloth!

In the end of this Speechless episode, Ray hired a car service to get him to the boat on time.  Guess what?  He still missed the boat and the “Raycation”.  JJ’s heart was broken and Ray’s desire to be a good brother overrode his desire for fun in the sun. Ray and JJ had the car service take them to the beach for a heart to heart talk.


I really enjoyed this episode of Speechless.  The challenges of dating and time management were presented in a highly exaggerated manner which made it very entertaining.  Every episode I watch, I find myself able to relate to the challenges. The humor allows me and my mom to laugh at things we sometimes find teeth-grindingly frustrating in real life.  It helps keep us focused on being positive and laughing at challenges we can’t control.  I really hope we see a second season of Speechless!

You can catch Speechless on ABC, Wednesday nights at 8:30/7:30c.  You can also catch all the episodes anytime on Hulu.

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’

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