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Rolling Beer Bucket Butler: Useful Tool For Wheelchair Users

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I am like any other 25 year old single guy.  I love to hang out with my buddies.  This usually occurs at my apartment because most homes are not accessible to my power chair.  Hosting these gatherings can be a challenge for me. My cerebral palsy has made me an infamous host, earning me the title of dropping the most beer bottles (always full) in a single night, without ever taking a sip!  If the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for this, I would be a legend!

Corona and Modelo Beer

I am also infamous for my love of Mexican food and beer, so this year I plan on having my buddies over for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. My Cinco de Mayo gatherings always start with Corona and Modelo, the perfect beers to have with any Mexican feast!  I want to be a proper host and serve up the beer myself, and not on anyone’s lap.  The thought of me serving the beer may make my buddies nervous, but this year, I have a surprise for them.  My wheelchair will be transformed into a Rolling Beer Bucket Butler!

Transforming your power chair into a Rolling Beer Bucket Butler is easy and inexpensive. Supplies can be found at any local hardware store.  In four easy steps, you can attach beer buckets to the rear wheel base of your power chair.  Attaching here provides stability, without impeding your ability to roll through doorways.  As easy as this is to assemble, it is just as easy to disassemble without damaging or marring your chair in any way.  Simply store the parts away until your next fiesta, cookout or bonfire!

Materials Needed for Rolling Beer Bucket Butler

2 8-inch Corner Braces (must have several pre-drilled holes for cable ties)

6-8 Cable Ties (I used 11” for my chair)

2 sets of Bolts and nuts (I used ¼ inch bolts)

Metal Hanger Strap (I used 3/4-inch x 10 ft. Can be found in plumbing aisle)

2 Metal beer buckets

Snips or scissors

Needle Nose pliers

Small bag of ice


Attach corner braces to the wheel base above rear wheels using cable ties. On my chair I only needed three cable ties per corner brace. Tighten the cable ties with needle nose pliers.

Wrap Metal Hanger Strap around the top of the buckets. Wrapping it around the top of the bucket made it more secure.  Make sure it is over lapping about an inch.  Use snips or scissors to cut to fit. Remove bucket and insert bolt.

Use bolt and nut to attach the metal hanger strap to the corner brace. Tighten with pliers.  Reinsert bucket.

Fill buckets with ice.  Add Corona Extra and Modelo Especial!  Your Beer Bucket Butler is ready to roll!

No proper host serves Corona without a lime!  I will be attaching a mini lime bucket to my headrest bar.  Here are the materials I used for that project.  If you have a cup holder attached to your chair, the mini bucket can fit in there as well.  Personally, I prefer a refreshing, smooth Corona Extra or Modelo Especial in my cup holder!

Materials for Mini Lime Bucket

1 (5 inch) Corner Brace

2 cable ties

Metal Hanger Strap

Mini metal lime bucket

Fresh Cut Limes

The instructions for attaching the lime bucket are basically the same as the beer buckets.  I have a long enough headrest bar for this project.  Every chair is different in this regard, so be creative.  If you don’t have an attachable spot on your chair, simply use a wheelchair cup holder attachment!

I enlisted help from my mom and caregiver, Adam, to assemble the Rolling Beer Bucket Butler.  While we were working, we started discussing what food I would be serving.  I love cooking shows, even though I can’t physically cook meals myself.  However, I pass on what I learn to those who cook for me, especially my mom.

I want to show off my mad food/beer pairing skills this year. Since it is a given that Corona Extra and Modelo Especial will be the beer of choice, I needed to find the perfect dishes to pair with them.  This may be backwards, but there is no budging on our beer of choice!

There is no better dish to pair with the light, smooth flavor of Corona Extra than my mom’s famous guacamole.  Her creamy guacamole dip uses only fresh ingredients, including lime juice.  So this was a no brainer!

My mom usually tries to find a crockpot recipe to make for my gatherings.  This way she does not have to stick around to cook or serve.  I have been wanting to try pork carnitas, after finding a crockpot recipe that included cocoa powder.  What a way to highlight the bold, rich flavors of Modelo Especial.  Mission accomplished!

My buddies may not appreciate all the thought that went into this, but I know they will appreciate not having to get off the couch to grab their next Corona or Modelo, compliments of my Rolling Beer Bucket Butler.  They will also appreciate leaving with full stomachs and dry pants!

I am really happy with how my Rolling Beer Bucket Butler turned out.  I will be using it quite a bit this summer.  I think I will be quite popular among my circle of friends and family!  I will simply stock my buckets with Corona and Modelo, my traditional summer beer.   Next I will toss a few sliced limes into my mini bucket and I am set to roll!

Rolling Beer Bucket Butler

There is still plenty of time to plan your own fiesta, fully equipped with a Rolling Beer Bucket Butler!  So I want to know, what will you be serving on Cinco de Mayo?

Salud Everyone!


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