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Naming my Honda Element

There is a saying, “Out with the old and in with the new” This saying applies to vehicles too!  Recently, I had to retire “The Green Machine”, my 2004 GMC Savannah.  In came the new, my 2010 Honda Element.

I felt my Honda Element needed a proper name.  I enlisted the help of friends, family and readers on my various social media sites. There were so many incredible suggestions to choose from, which made it hard to narrow them down.

Honda Element

George Blue Thunder

However, with great consideration, the verdict is in…George Blue Thunder.  I could not decide between George and Blue Thunder, so I combined them!

Uncle Mike, the Elvis Impersonator

George is in honor of my kind, loving and hilarious Uncle Mike.  His middle name was George and that was also a nickname.  My Uncle Mike had a love of planes, trains and automobiles (as well as the movie)!  I also got my love of Elvis from him!  He passed away almost 12 years ago.  I will always miss him and will always think about him when cruising around in George Blue Thunder.

I chose Blue Thunder as well, because it is the signature move of Sami Zayn, one of my favorite wrestlers.  Sami Zayn’s move is actually called the Blue Thunder Bomb.  I wanted a name that reflects strength.  My cousin, Gerald, suggested Blue Thunder and it struck me instantly!

Many people comment on my strength and how I deal with my disability.  I strive continuously to be a kind person.  I think George Blue Thunder honors both strength and kindness.  It also sounds Native!  Since I am a decedent of the Menominee Nation, this works perfectly!

Thank you again for all the wonderful suggestions!  When you see George Blue Thunder rolling around town, give us a wave!

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’


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