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Instacart: Perfect Holiday Gift for Caregivers

Ask any caregiver what they want for Christmas and they are sure to say, “More hours in a day”.  You may not be able to add hours to a day, but you can free up a few hours a week for a caregiver in your life.  How?  With an Express Membership to Instacart!

When Hunter asked me to write a blog about perfect gifts for caregivers, I thought about the standard gifts.  Not to say they are not valuable gifts, but Instacart has changed my life in many positive ways.  I have witnessed the benefits for so many populations.


Instacart App

What is Instacart?

Instacart was founded by a former Amazon employee, Apoorva Mehta.  In 2015, Forbes named Instacart as the “Most Promising Company” in America.  There have been growing pains along the way, but I think many of those have been ironed out.

You may be asking, “What is Instacart?”  Instacart is basically a grocery shopping and delivery service powered by an app on the computer or smartphone.  A customer scrolls through the aisles on the app and makes their grocery selections from the comfort of their home.  After the order is placed, a professional shopper heads to the store to complete the order.  Either the shopper or a driver will then deliver groceries right to the customers doorstep at a predetermined scheduled time. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the groceries can be carried into the home and unpacked as well.

Benefits for Caregivers

  1. Time Saver– Shopping can be time consuming.  In most cities, Instacart offers a variety of shopping options which would cover every need.  In Wausau, Instacart is offered at Pick N Save, Sam’s Club, CVS Pharmacy and Petco.

  2. Flu Season- During flu season, it is important for caregivers to remain healthy.  It is also crucial for a caregiver not to bring illness into the house.  Instacart can help caregivers limit exposure to whatever is going around.

  1. Bad Weather- I live in Wisconsin and sometimes it can snow off and on for days at a time.  Even the best planner can not avoid having to run to the store when roads are bad.  Personally, I leave Hunter home when the weather is bad to avoid getting stuck with him in the vehicle.  However, I still run the risk of getting stuck and leaving him longer than anticipated.  Instacart eliminates the risk of being on the roads during bad weather.

  2. Money Saver- Instacart is not a free service.  There is the delivery charge of $3.99 and many choose to tip the shopper/driver.  However, Instacart helps prevent impulse buying.  I think we all have gone into the store for a loaf of bread and exited with $100 of groceries we don’t necessarily need.  Instacart helps one stick to a set grocery list.

  3. Schedule Order- Instacart allows you to schedule your order delivery within an hour time frame.  This is so beneficial for a busy caregiver.


Instacart App

 Instacart App

Instcart has an easy to use app for your computer or smartphone.  Through the app, you select your store and begin shopping.  Next you schedule your delivery later in the day or week.  Then you sit back and relax and let your personal shopper do the rest!  However, you can communicate with your shopper via the app during the shopping experience if changes are needed.

Instacart Express

Instacart offers an Express Membership for $99 a year.  Express Membership benefits include:

  1. Unlimited free delivery on orders at least $35

  2. Shop multiple stores and receive free delivery on the entire order

  3. Avoid higher delivery fees during peak hours

Extra Income

As a single mom of an adult child with a disability, career options were very limited.  Lack of caregivers made the situation impossible.  I soon found myself in the position of becoming Hunter’s full time caregiver.  My budget is much tighter than I am comfortable with so I began looking at options for a part-time job.

Instacart was perfect.  Not only can I set my own schedule, I can cancel scheduled hours without penalty up to six hours before a scheduled shift.  Additionally, I do not have to accept every batch (shopping assignment) that I am offered.  This allows me to attend to unexpected needs Hunter may have.

Care giving can be isolating, especially as a single parent.  Instacart has  given me the opportunity to meet so many incredible customers.  So many of my customers don’t just find this service convenient, they need this service for various reasons.  I am even getting to know a few store employees.

The positive feedback I receive from my customers not only makes me feel appreciated for my hard work, it also increases my bank account!  For every 5 Star rating I receive, I get a $3 bonus.  It may not seem like a big deal, but those quality bonuses add up!

Health and Exercise

One benefit I am really enjoying is the exercise.  I have been making life style changes this past year.  I walk several times a week.  My shopping assignments allow me to increase my steps everyday.  Shoppers are timed and given tips to increase their metrics.  Over the past number of weeks, I have decreased my time considerably.  In my area, I am ranked second in speed.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of the foods we buy.  Shopping for others has broadened my horizons in food selections.  I pay attention to orders that are filled with healthy, natural foods.  I have found my own selections changing over time.

So as Christmas approaches and shopping days decrease, keep Instacart Express Membership in mind for the caregiver in your life.  Instacart Express Membership is also an awesome gift for elderly, disabled, busy parents, single parents and expectant moms.

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season!


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