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If I Need Help Products Give Caregivers Peace of Mind

If I Need Help Tag and Card

If I Need Help Tag and Card

On the day you become a parent, your world changes forever.  Carefree days are far and few between.  As our children grow older and more capable, we tend to worry less and less.  For parents of disabled children, the worry sometimes can increase as times go on.  We have worries other parents do not have when our children reach adulthood. 

Worrying is a part of my daily life.  I worry about Hunter’s health, his future, his cares, finances, transportation and the list goes on.  Every since Hunter was a toddler, he would take adventures with various family and friends, without either his dad or I.  I was always worried that the friend or family member could become incapacitated during those adventures.  Back in those days I put his information and important numbers in his diaper bag and then later in his backpack.  Cell phones have lessened the worry to some degree.  However, even today, during my respite times, worry is still my companion.

Recently I was browsing the internet and stumbled across a website that can help calm the worry of many parents of disabled children, adult disabled children and elderly family members.  If I Need Help provides various products to help keep loved ones who have special needs or who wonder away safe. 

Hunter is more than capable of assisting any medical personnel in case of an accident.  However, I am the queen of “what if” scenarios.  What if Hunter and a caregiver were in an accident and neither could communicate.  What if Hunter did not have access to his phone, was so traumatized he could not relay important information.  If I Need Help products help in pretty much any scenario I can create.

I have several friends who are facing some of the same situations I am facing, some face even greater challenges.  One friend in particular has an adult son with severe autism.  He is also a single dad, who is responsible for the majority of his care.  There have been situations when his son decided to demonstrate his best Houdini impersonation.  I could not imagine the horror of being separated from my child who is non-verbal.  If I Need Help products can quickly reunite a wonderer with their family or caregiver.  Years ago I had a student with autism who escaped his dad’s grip in a busy train station.  He hopped a train on his own, actually he hopped a ride between two train cars.  I don’t know how he managed to take that adventure unscathed, but he had some amazing guardian angels that day.  If I Need Help could have certainly assisted in a safe return in such a situation.

By Carolyn Stone, Annabelle Stevens

Many families find themselves in the position of caring for elderly family members, many suffering with dementia.  Many of those caregivers are spouses, who have medical issues themselves.  If I Need Help Products could be the matter of life and death if an elderly person with dementia wonders off and is unable to assist in locating loved ones.

If I Need Help products are not just for individuals with special needs or dementia.  If I Need Help products are also beneficial for parents of young children.  Even the most diligent of parents can become separated from their child.  These products can quickly reunite a mother/father with their adventurous toddler.

If I Need Help Tag

Emergency responders can scan tag for important medical information

If I Need Help Products have a QR Code which can be scanned by a smart phone or can be manually entered in to pull up basic contact information.  EMS can scan in the code and receive an email of necessary medical information.  To scan a QR Code from a smart phone, an app can be downloaded. 

There are a variety of products for a variety of needs.  I purchased an ID Tag on a chain for Hunter to wear around his neck.  On the tag is my contact information.  If the QR Code is scanned or manually entered, his dad’s information can be pulled up.  When contacted by EMS, If I Need Help will be able to provide basic, but important, medical information.  Included with my purchase, a caregiver card was provided.  This allows EMS to know that a person with special needs may have been with a caregiver in case of an emergency.  On the card, a caregiver can include the name, diagnosis and alternative contact information .

If I Need Help Caregiver Card

If I Need Help caregiver card

If I Need Help has other tags, some that can be tied into the shoe laces of an individual.  There are also patches that can be sewn onto clothing.  Shirts and hoodies with a QR Code are also available.  You can even design your own shirt!  There are also safety kits to meet your needs.  Additionally, they have other products such as double sided locks to allow you a good night sleep.

I received my order within a week and the free membership sign -up was easy to fill out.  If I Need Help may not relieve all the worries when caring for a special needs child, adult child or an elderly family member, but it certainly eases some of them!  The products are affordable (ID Tag was under $20 and included chain) and the membership is free.  It is definitely a small price to pay for peace of mind.


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