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Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company Reveals Winter 2019 Menu

I love trying new restaurants when they roll into town.  However, I also try to stay loyal to my select favorites.  Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company happens to be one of those favorites.  The Great Dane in Wausau features many amenities such as pool tables, shuffleboard, intimate seating areas, fireplace, and a banquet hall.  Additionally, in warmer weather guests can enjoy a beautiful Beer Garden and an outdoor deck.  On the weekends, Great Dane offers live music from local artists.  I try to catch these live acts whenever possible and of course, a plate of nachos!  I heard that Great Dane recently revealed their Winter 2019 Menu, so my mom and I rolled in to check it out.

Parking and Entrance

The parking lot offers an adequate amount of accessible parking spots, with van accessibility.  We found our favorite spot which leads right to the ramp accessing the front door, this was not our first time at the rodeo!  Unfortunately, the two doors leading into the restaurant are not automatic and are actually quite heavy  However, there is ample room to enter and open the second door.   Of course, automatic doors would be greatly appreciated by those with physical disabilities in order have complete independence.  However, I totally understand if there aren’t enough funds to do so.  Thankfully, my mom was there to open the two sets doors for me.  If I was ever in a situation where there wasn’t anyone there, this could be an issue.   Especially during the deep freeze of the winter.

Dining Room

Once we were inside, a friendly hostess politely escorted us to our table.   There are a few booths that are not accessible.  However, the majority of the tables and some of the booths are accessible for wheelchair users.  We encountered the same issue we do in most restaurants, the table height.  My chair, like most power chairs, do not fit under the standard table.  We always come prepared with my tray.  However, it would be nice to be able to sit up at the table.  When I have to sit further back, I tend to be in the way and more of a spectacle.  Additionally, maintaining a conversation is difficult when you are set back from the table.

Noisy Neighbors

Speaking of conversation, on this trip to Great Dane, conversation was virtually impossible.  Sitting in close proximity was a large table seating several families.  It happened to be a day off at the local schools, so there were a few kids at the table.  Their conversations were so loud, I was unable to hear anything my mom said.  I am not the easiest person to understand, so my mom could not decipher what I was saying either.  At first we kind of laughed about it, but as we had to eat without conversation, it really became irritating.  It definitely put a damper on our experience.

A glimpse of our EXCELLENT server!

Service at Great Dane

The noisy diners did not overshadow the incredible service.  Our server was super impressive!  He was very kind, very easygoing, extremely polite, and made us both feel welcome. One of the things that I appreciated the most was that he addressed me while taking orders rather than looking to my mom!  When I was younger, this didn’t really bother me.  However, as a grown man, it is demeaning to have someone assume that your mom has to speak for you.  One should never make assumptions about an individual’s abilities.  It is my belief that everyone deserves to be spoken to directly.  Our server was attentive and provided excellent service.

Great Dane

Forward Falafel

Great Dane’s Winter 2019 Menu

The print on the new menu was fairly large, so it was quite easy to read.  Great Dane added a few new dishes, like the Crisp Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower as well as the Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders.  However, many of the favorites remain.  Removing the cheesy grits from the side options was really disappointing.  I ordered my tried and true Pub Burger and my mom ordered the Forward Falafel.  My burger was mouthwatering and delicious!  Overcooking the falafel made it dry and crumbly.  Despite my mom’s insistence that all was good, the waiter reduced the price of the dish.

Our waiter promptly offered to take the falafel back and have the kitchen make her a new one.  There was no need to send it back as the Tzatziki sauce served with the dish moistened it enough eat.  My mom had tried out the menu earlier in the month, ordering the same thing.  She said it was amazing and would definitely order it again.  Every one has an off day, including the best chefs!  Another recommendation my mom made is the Old Glory Cheese Curds.   American Pale Ale batter is used to dip fresh curds for frying, which is then served with Roasted Hatch Green Chili Crema.  I am unable to partake with my gluten allergy, but my mom HIGHLY recommends!

I stuck with my usual drink selection of Mountain Dew and my mom selected coffee.  However, Great Dane has an excellent selection of in-house brewed beer.  Additionally, there is a full bar with all the liquid goodies!  We did not partake in dessert either that visit, but the dessert menu offers several sinful treats!

Pub Burger on GF Bun

Allergy Menus

Great Dane is not only sensitive to accessibility for their customers with disabilities, they accommodate to food allergies.  An allergy menu is available for guests to make safe and informed sections.  Allergies to the following ingredients are listed on the menu: shellfish, fish, eggs, dairy, peanuts, nuts, soy, and wheat.  Great Dane also supplies a separate gluten menu.  There is also a kid and brunch menu.  On the main menu, vegetarian options are marked for easy selection.

Accessibility at Great Dane

The ramp leading to the restaurant is easy to navigate.  Great Dane does a wonderful job of keeping the ramp free of snow and ice.  The banquet hall is downstairs.  Guests with disabilities are welcome to use the service elevator to access the venue.  Inside the restaurant, every area is accessible with additional ramps.  The only “dings” are the entrance doors and and a few booths.  I would like to see Great Dane and other restaurants add tables with extra height for power wheelchair users.  However, these “dings” did not lessen the experience of Great Dane’s food, banquet hall, bar, outdoor area, or music performances.  Wonderful Job Great Dane…but please bring back the cheesy grits!!

It was so nice to sit down and enjoy a great meal on a bone- chilling afternoon!  Check out Great Dane to get a much need reprieve from this Wisconsin winter!

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ And Keep Smilin’!           


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