Gift Ideas for Adults with Disabilities

In my previous post, I provided gift ideas for children with special needs. Adults love receiving gifts too, especially adults with disabilities.  Many individuals with disabilities are isolated and lonely.  Holidays can only increase those feelings of loneliness. This is the second of a three post series. With Black Friday around the corner, I hope these suggestions help make shopping for the disabled adult on your list easier!

Tablets– Tablets are great gifts for adults with disabilities.  Tablets are easy to lift and use.  Accessories and stands can be purchased to increase accessibility.  The internet can be a wonderful source for socialization, shopping and entertainment.  Additionally, tablets are also great for passing time in waiting rooms!

Amazon Echo or Google Home I am partial to Amazon Echo because I have owned one for several years.  However, both products can enhance the lives of individuals with disabiloities.  I use my Amazon Echo to order products, listen to audiobooks and music, look up facts and turn on/off lights.  I can do all of these things from my wheelchair.

Life Alert System– Some insurance companies do not cover such a system.  Personally, I would not be able to live independently without my system. Additionaly, my mom would not be able to ever have peace of mind.  With a push of a button a trained operator can send help.

Robot Vacuum/floor mop– These handy housekeepers can help individuals keep their homes clean with little effort.  Simply schedule the robot and floors are kept clean and dirt free.

Smart Watches-Smart watches can assist in scheduling and medication reminders.  Smart watches can also allow individuals with disabilities screen phone calls and text messages without handling a phone.

Websites for other technology ideas:

Cell Phones 

Assistive Technology


Restaurants– When buying a gift card for restaurants there are several factors to consider.  Of course, the major consideration is the receiver’s favorite restaurant!  Make sure the restaurant is accessible.  Additionally, consider transportation issues.  Can the gift receiver get to the restaurant using available transportation.  Restaurants which deliver are ideal.  Many cities have delivery companies who offer food from various restaurants, such as 715Delivery in Wausau.

Grocery Stores– A grocery store gift card may not sound like a glamorous gift.  However, grocery store gift cards can be opportunities for special treats. Many individuals with disabilities do not have a budget for luxury food items. Gift cards can be used for steak, seafood or other pricey items.  Yum!  If you can find a grocery store that offers delivery…bonus!!

Department Stores– Try to pick a store that has on-line ordering as well.

Gas– Gas cards can allow for special trips!  I live a few blocks from a Kwik Trip.  I love Kwik Trip, because I can get food as well as gas!

Movie Theater- Movies can be a special treat for individuals with disabilities. Keep in mind the transportation limitations of the receiver and the accessibility of the theater. is an excellent website that offers many accessible items.  Combining a gift card with an Amazon Prime subscription would maximize the benefit for the gift receiver.

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Cable TV is expensive and for some affordable.  Many individuals with disabilities are home-bound.  TV is an important source for entertainment.  Amazon Prime not only offers TV shows and movies, but also music and free shipping through– Audio books are wonderful gifts for individuals with disabilities.  Additionally, combining the Amazon Echo with would give the gift receiver 12  audio books in addition to all the benefits of the Echo.

Roku or Firestick– Smart TVs can be pricey and out of reach for many individuals with disabilities.  Combine one of these with a Netflix/Hulu/Prime subscription and the gift receiver is set!

Concert/Theater/Sporting Event Tickets– Again, make sure the gift receiver will have transportation and the venue is accessible.  Last year my mom gave me ticket pairs to several Woodchucks games (local baseball team).  Not only was I able to attend the games, I was able to treat my friends too!

Of-The-Month-Clubs are a great way to keep the giving going all year around.  There are a number of clubs to choose from, here are a few examples:

Dinner and a Movie Club This club gives the gift receiver a Redbox movie rental along with an Italian meal!

Explore Local Box This club is really cool!  Every month a box of local fare from different locations arrive.  Many individuals with disabilities can not travel.  This club brings the city to the gift receiver!

Omaha Steak Club Who doesn’t want steak every month!

Flower of the Month Club Many individuals with disabilities have medical equipment throughout their homes.  This club is a wonderful way to brighten up their space with beautiful flowers.

Sock of the Month Club I thought of my neighbor, Jiffy, when I came across this club.  She loves her crazy socks and I know this club would brighten her day!

Gourmet Gift Baskets Everyone deserves a bit of gourmet in their lives, especially during the holidays.

Spa Gift Baskets Spa treatments and products are hard to afford on a limited income.  These baskets bring the spa to the individual!

Fruit Baskets A healthy treat for any diet.

Various services can be helpful and valuable gifts.  These services can be one time or throughout the year.

Hair- Arrange for a hair stylist to come to the gift receivers house.  A new hair-do is a wonderful way to start the new year!

Nails- Arrange for a Nail Tech to come to the gift receivers home to pamper and spoil!

Yard work or House Maintenance– Disabilities can make household and yard maintenance difficult.  Additionally, many can not afford to pay to have these projects completed.  Gifting these services can lift a huge weight of the receivers shoulders.

Housecleaning- A professional spring cleaning is a great gift for any individual with a disability.

Disabilities can be isolating and lonely.  Gifting your time is, in my opinion, the most valuable gift of all.  However, gift only to time you can truly commit to. Make a meal, play cards, watch a movie or go for walks.

Gift giving for individuals with disabilities does not have to be difficult or expensive.  With a bit of creativity and research, a perfect gift can be found! Additionally, most of the above gift ideas can be ordered on-line, to avoid the Black Friday shopping hassle!

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’

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