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Button-Up Lacing System: Beneficial Product for Individuals With Cognitive and Physical Challenges

Tying shoelaces is a skill many take for granted.  Individuals with physical and intellectual limitations can struggle with this skill.  I recently received a product that can change “can’t” into “can” with a snap!

A few weeks ago, Chris Faith, creator of Button-Up Lacing System 2.0 reached out to me.  Shortly after our initial conversation, I received a white box filled with various colors of Button-ups and Laces.  Immediately, I was impressed by the quality of the product and packaging.

I received a white, blue and black set of Button-ups and matching laces.  The Button-up pack included 4 retainers, 4 ball studs, 4 buttons and 4 heat shrinkable pull tabs (for laces).  The laces (flat/oval) matched each Button-Up system perfectly!  The packet included easy to follow instructions with pictures.

I was not able to assemble the Button-ups myself so I asked my mom to do it for me.  From start to finish, my Button-Up laces were ready to go in less than 10 minutes!  My mom reported that they were very easy to assemble and the instructions were very clear.  The blue Button-Ups and laces just happened to match my tennis shoes perfectly!

There were two finishing options, the “quick-fit” or the “ready-fit”.  We opted for the “quick-fit” initially, but will be switching to the “ready-fit” now that we know it will work with my bulky AFOs.  We also tested the ease of removing the Button-Up system.  Not only was it easy to remove, but we were able to simply reinstall the Button-ups.

The feedback from several of my caregivers was also positive!  One caregiver struggles a bit tying my shoes while I am in my lift.  The Button-Up Lacing System 2.0 literally makes it a snap for her!  I will be installing the rest of the Button-Ups and laces on my remaining shoes.

The Button-Up Lacing System 2.0 is a brilliant alternative to tying your shoes.  This is a great product for anyone with a physical or intellectual disability.  I also think the Button-Up Lacing System 2.0 would be perfect for anyone with arthritic hands.  For children who struggle to tie their shoes, Button-Ups can increase self-esteem, as well as independence.

The Button-Up Lacing System 2.0 offers a choice of 20 colors!  The cost is very reasonable and is currently on sale for $10 (includes choice of two laces, flat or oval).  Laces and Button-Ups can be purchased separately as well.  Click here to check out the Button-Up Lacing System 2.0!

I would like to thank Chris Faith for reaching out to me to test out this product.  I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’


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