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Autumn Destination: Corn Maze

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The perfect pick

Whether you call it autumn or fall, the third season of the year is one of my favorites!  I look forward to the crisp air, changing leaves, trick-or-treat, corn mazes and pumpkin patches!  Autumn activities bring together family and friends. However, living with cerebral palsy brings challenges during this season.

“Ears to Autumn”

Last week I headed out to a local pumpkin patch and corn maze.  I was on a mission to find a perfect pumpkin for carving and of course, seeds for roasting.  It was also my goal to make it through the maze this year!  I have never been able to make it completely through a corn maze and I knew this was my year!

I brought along my friend, Eddie, and my mom to make sure a search party would not be necessary.  They may not have a better sense of direction, but three people are easier to find in a field of corn than one guy in a permanent seated position!   Corn mazes can be difficult to conquer.  However, they pose to be extra challenging for a wheelchair user!  Looking beyond having to roll through a field, cerebral palsy throws more challenges my way during autumn activities.

One of the issues many men with cerebral palsy have to face is bladder control and leaks.  Add rough terrain for a bumpy ride and it sounds like a recipe for disaster.  To avoid embarrassing situations, one could simply avoid them all together.  That is not and has never been my style.  I may sit, but I refuse to sit out on the fun!  Some solutions take a great deal of thought and creativity to overcome.  In this case, the solution was easy.  TENA® MEN™ Protective Shield is my go to product. Click on the TENA® MEN™ Protective Shield box to purchase!  Cool stuff, huh?

Hit a rough patch at the corn maze

I don’t mind standing out in a crowd, which is a good thing.  It is hard to blend when you are a dude with a long braided Mohawk in a wheelchair.  However, dignity and discretion are still very important to me.  TENA® MEN™ Protective Shields are shaped to fit my anatomy, so discretion is not an issue.  I can rock and roll through the corn maze without any worry.

Eddie, my mom and I headed into the corn maze with our punch cards.  The goal was to find 5 different stations with a different shaped hole punchers.  We had to find all the stations and our way out of the corn maze for it to be considered a successful adventure.

Getting a helping hand

Wisconsin is famous for cow tipping in farm fields.  I did not want to start a new trend of chair tipping in farm fields. The rough terrain proved too much of a challenge for my wheelchair.  Thankfully, the TENA® MEN™ Protective Shield remained in place which was really amazing considering all the shifting back and forth I was doing in my chair.  Peace of mind in moments like this are definitely appreciated!

If there is one thing I have learned about life is that it is the journey, not the destination that is important.  We entered the corn maze with full intention to reach our destination.  After a few twists and turns it was obvious our journey would be a short one.  Our destination was not going to be at the exit of the corn maze.  Instead, we headed to the ticket booth to see if we could get a refund.

My motto in life is to “Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin”.  I put this motto into action after the corn maze fail.  The local corn maze/pumpkin patch also had a produce stand full of Indian corn, gourds, squash and white pumpkins.  We decided to take our refund and spend it on some decorative fall goodies.


I have a neighbor, Jiffy, who no longer can get out to enjoy the autumn activities.  There is a smoking shed next to our building and Jiffy spends a great deal of time there every day.  She watches the children play and chats with other residents.  Jiffy is a giving lady who despite our age difference, has become my friend.  I decided to bring a bit of autumn to her.

I did not make it through the corn maze.  Heck, I did not even make it to the first hole punch!  However, if I did not “fail” in my venture, I would not have had the refund money to bring autumn to Jiffy.  My journey did not take me to the corn maze exit, rather it took me to the shed door and to the bright, beautiful smile of my neighbor.  That made the rocky journey worth every bump.

If I did not have the confidence to push the boundaries of my disability and my wheelchair, I would not have been able to see the light in Jiffy’s eyes.  I would not have had a fun day with my buddy, Eddie.  Sometimes we take our health and mobility for granted.  Cerebral Palsy has taught me to appreciate life as it comes. TENA®MEN™ Protective Shields allow me to maintain my confidence and my positive outlook.


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Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’!


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